Solar Basics

What is Solar Energy ?

Solar Energy is a free energy from the sun and this energy is in the form of solar radiation, which makes the production solar electricity through solar energy Panels.
Solar energy is reliable and efficient, producing electricity during peak periods — hot afternoons
Solar Energy is considered as biggest source of energy which is freely available.

How Solar PV Panels works ?

Solar panels, made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, capture sunlight particles or photons. Using a semiconducting material such as silicon, the PV cells convert the sunlight into useable direct current (DC) electricity.
An inverter connected by wires to the solar panels turns those direct currents (DC) into alternating current (AC) electricity on a much grander scale than the AC/DC plug on your small appliance.
The AC goes to the electrical or breaker box panel in your home or business to power the lights, computers and other appliances.
The utility company meter at your home or business will measure how much energy is used, and how much is generated by the solar panels. This will tell you whether your system is generating enough energy from solar power to fully meet your needs or whether you are still taking some power from the electric grid.
“Grid-tie” solar power customers tie their solar system into the local utility’s power grid, which allows them to sell any excess energy they generate into the grid for others to use. Others prefer to set up a stand-alone solar power system, keeping their homes “off-grid” and generating power solely for their own use.

How Solar Power Plant works ?

Solar Power Plant is a set of Solar Panels , Solar Inverter and Solar Battery.
Sunlight hits Solar Energy Panels with particles of sunlight called photons and solar panel converts those photons into electrons of Direct Current (DC) electricity.
The Solar Inverter converts that DC power that commonly used in batteries , into Alternating Current or AC Power and AC power is a kind of electricity that run all lighting and electronics like TV , fridge , AC , Computer etc.

Two Type of Solar Power Plant Systems :

1. On Grid Solar System                            2. Off Grid Solar System