Transformer Installation / Testing

Our expertise to handle all kind of transformer up to 500kV, which includes CT, PT, & dry type transformer like

Power Transformers
Distribution Transformers
Pole Mounted Transformer
Pad Mounted Transformer
Package and Unit Substations
Slim Transformers

General Transformer test
Ratio, for voltage relationship;
Polarity for single- and 3-phase units (because single-phase power transformers are sometimes connected in parallel and sometimes in a 3-phase bank);
Phase relationship for 3-phase units (important when two or more power transformers are operated in parallel);
Excitation current, which relates to efficiency and verifies that core design is correct;
No-load core loss, which also relates to efficiency and correct core design;
Resistance, for calculating winding temperature
Impedance (via short circuit testing), which provides information needed for breaker and/or fuse sizing and interrupting rating and for coordinating relaying schemes;
Load loss, which again directly relates to the transformer’s efficiency;
Regulation, which determines voltage drop when load is applied; and